Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Day 3 Gorge walking & Orienteering

Today we were up early and after a hearty breakfast. John took us to get ready for an exciting day Gorge walking. We dressed in wetsuits, old shorts, waterproof jackets and helmets and went on the bus. We had so much fun sliding down the gorge and jumping in the puddles. We helped each other over come our fears when jumping in, and shouted words of encouragement. After spending all morning having fun in the water. We ate a packed lunch and met back with John. He showed us how to use maps and we went on a hunt around the gardens. Then we made a camp fire and ate marshmallows, they were delicious! We had another lovely tea and played team challenge games before settling down to watch a film with a drink before bed. 
We are so excited for tomorrow. 

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