Thursday, 25 May 2017

Day 4 The DEATH Swing! & canoeing

Today, after a filling breakfast we went on the infamous death swing. For some it was very scary but with lots of encouragement from the rest of the group, we all managed to do it. Some of us even had 2 goes! After we all went for our lunch, we went down to lake to do some canoeing. We had great fun going around in circles! When we perfected going in a straight line, we rowed over to the island and went to explore, and splashed around in the lake. After another lovely tea we are now looking forward to disco and games tonight. 

Day 4 at Derwent Hill.

After a good nights sleep and a good breakfast we were all very excited about canoeing in the lake.

After putting on our life jackets, we set off for the nearby marina. Working as a team, we tied two canoes together using beams and ropes to make a sturdy platform, to cross  the lake -trying very hard not to splash each other with the paddles and soak the teachers 😀.

With some practice, we managed to stop going around in circles and paddle into a straight line, past the geese, ducks and other fantastic wildlife, to a small island. We got out and had a fantastic time playing in the water.

When we had dried off and had our lunch, small portions of course, we made our way to our next activity, rock climbing at Sandale Quarry. We learned about climbing and rope safety, types holds, like jugs and crimps. We worked in teams of four, supporting each other to climb the rock face. We were nervous but brave, overcoming our fears.

It was back to the centre to shower and change, ready for our last night disco! Where someone - no names mentioned-performed his famous, " Dad dancing." Interesting!

We are bit sad it's our last day tomorrow, but are looking forward towards another great day, gorge walking, before returning home.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Day 3. Orienteering and the "Death Swing"

Today we went orienteering and learned some new navigation skills. First we used a scaled map to find different positions around the grounds, and next we used different natural features to orientate a map, as a start point for our directions.

At lunch time, we learned how to start a fire with a magnesium stick and striker. Then after a packed lunch, we toasted marshmallows around our camp fire. Yummmmmm.

Then it was off to the infamous,  "Death Swing." There was a few nerves ofcourse , but we were very brave  and supported and helped each other to overcome our fears - a truly fantastic team effort.

After another awesome dinner, we went and played team challenge games!

What a great day and another to come tomorrow - bring it on!

Day 3 Gorge walking & Orienteering

Today we were up early and after a hearty breakfast. John took us to get ready for an exciting day Gorge walking. We dressed in wetsuits, old shorts, waterproof jackets and helmets and went on the bus. We had so much fun sliding down the gorge and jumping in the puddles. We helped each other over come our fears when jumping in, and shouted words of encouragement. After spending all morning having fun in the water. We ate a packed lunch and met back with John. He showed us how to use maps and we went on a hunt around the gardens. Then we made a camp fire and ate marshmallows, they were delicious! We had another lovely tea and played team challenge games before settling down to watch a film with a drink before bed. 
We are so excited for tomorrow.