Monday, 22 May 2017

Day 1 at Derwent Hill

After we arrived in Derwent hill we all unpacked our suitcases, made our beds and met our instructor for the week. We filled our tummies with a packed lunch and our group ( group 6, Miss Wadge and Miss Beston's group) went down to the marina and jumped in! The water was very cold but it was lots of fun, we jumped in over and over again and even Miss Wadge and Miss Beston jumped in.  After we showered and changed we filled our tummies again and went on a night walk. During the walk we thought about how Derwent hill was different from our home town. We listened to the sounds and talked about the different things we could see. After we arrived back we had some drinks and snack before going to bed. We can't wait for tomorrow. 

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