Thursday, 21 May 2015

Thursday: Mrs Gamble's Group

Another fantastic day full of adventure and excitement . The children climbed Walla Crag and showed great determination, strong team work and skill, whilst walking up steep rocks, with heavy rucksacks on their backs! They ate their lunch admiring the most spectacular, breathtaking view over Derwentwater. Walking down was not as easy as they thought and there was some very tired legs near the end ! Whilst they waited for the ferry to take them back to Derwent Hill, the children had a brilliant time jumping in the lake, skimming stones and making a raft. They absolutely love getting wet!!! They ended the day with an ice cream followed by a well deserved rest before tea.

Thursday:Miss Wadge's Group

Today we have enjoyed our final day at Derwent Hill. This morning we worked as a team to build on our orienteering skills and searched the grounds for lots of clues. On the afternoon we went gorge walking in the extremely cold water, it needed good concentration from everyone. We took turns leading the group through the  water. Then we reached a deep waterfall and we all jumped in (even Miss Wadge)! It has been a great day! From Andrew, Liam and Group 4

Thursday: Group 3

Today we went conoeing and we got to stick our faces in the water and play games whilst canoeing. After lunch we went to the mines and found some lead rock, It was shiny! When diner was over we got our cases packed and got ready for the Derwent disco. 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wednesday: Mrs Gamble's Group

The children enjoyed discovering the fun of orienteering this morning and stayed within the grounds of Derwent Hill exploring the gardens, using their fantastic map reading skills to look for for hidden clues. After lunch they went canoeing on Derwentwater and worked brilliantly as a team and then they all jumped in the lake and had lots of fun. We have some very tired, but happy children now.

Wednesday: Miss Wadge's

Today we climbed Catbells! We had a lot of fun climbing up hills, however some parts were extremely challenging. When we reached the summit of Catbells (the top), we had our delicious lunch. Everyone ate it very quickly, as we were hungry! When we climbed back down the mountain, we got the ferry back to Keswick and bought some sweets. After that, we walked back to Derwent Hill and had a lovely rest.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tuesday: Miss Bank's Group

This morning we went canoeing, we had to work together to get each canoe off the the shelves and carry them all the way to the river. When we were on the river we played games like head, knees and jump. After lunch we went navigating round Derwent hill's ground, we had to use maps and find different kinds of objects. We all had our dinners and headed out to do our nightwalk, we drove up to a mountain and had to walk all the way back to Derwent hill! 

Tuesday: Mrs Gamble's Group

Today we went on the death swing ! We also went on the rope course which was really fun ! After that we went gorge walking through a river and we swam in a waterfall.We also had competitions of who could climb up a waterfall ! From Darrian and Mrs Gamble's group.

Night time activities

The children were challenged to put on as many items of clothing at once!! 

Tuesday: Miss Wadge's Group

We have had a very,very busy day. This morning after breakfast we all went down to the lake and worked together to build a raft using the canoes. We decided to have a race and play head, shoulders, knees and jump inside the canoe, we had to trust each other to jump at the same time. Our instructor (Ben) encouraged us to dip our faces into the water, we thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. 
Next we had lunch, which was delicious (We are being well fed). After we hopped on the mini bus and headed for the mine, we had to wear helmets to protect our heads. It was a gloomy, dark mine and we had to use our torches to guide the way, however on the way back out we used a candle. 
From the mine we found a church which was once a school. 
Tonight we are heading out for a night
Speak soon, love from Year 6 x

Monday, 18 May 2015

Night Walk Round 1

We have had a lovely night walk tonight after tea, although it started to rain, we still had a fantastic time. Hopefully the sun will be shining tomorrow.