Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Day 3

It's been another fantastic day today at Derwent Hill for group1.

This morning the children went gorge walking, working as part of a team to guide and support each other to climb through the gorge to the top of the valley. The children climbed through a tunnel and plunged into the icy pools. Even the coldest the person in the world (Miss Wadge) jumped in.

In the afternoon we went on the infamous Death Swing. The children were extremely brave and the support they showed to each other to overcome their fear was brilliant. We are so proud of each and everyone who showed terrific courage, especially Ryan and Nathan.

Tonight we are all off for the Derwent night challenge and the children can't wait.

More updates tomorrow.


  1. Any pics of other groups like?? ��

  2. Can we have some pics of other group please?

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  4. It looks like there having a great time, but I haven't seen our Arron in any pictures and can you show us any other groups x