Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tuesday: Miss Wadge's Group

We have had a very,very busy day. This morning after breakfast we all went down to the lake and worked together to build a raft using the canoes. We decided to have a race and play head, shoulders, knees and jump inside the canoe, we had to trust each other to jump at the same time. Our instructor (Ben) encouraged us to dip our faces into the water, we thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. 
Next we had lunch, which was delicious (We are being well fed). After we hopped on the mini bus and headed for the mine, we had to wear helmets to protect our heads. It was a gloomy, dark mine and we had to use our torches to guide the way, however on the way back out we used a candle. 
From the mine we found a church which was once a school. 
Tonight we are heading out for a night walk.cf
Speak soon, love from Year 6 x

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